For the Fluorotechnology Industry, especially in Fluorotelomer related products and AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foams, or Aqueous Fire Fighting Foams), extensive experience with various global regulatory agencies most notably the US EPA, the US FDA, the US DoD, and Canada’s Heath Canada and Environment Canada. Other interactions have included Germany’s UBA and BfR, S. Koreas’s FDA, England’s FSA and DEFRA, Australia’s NICNAS, China’s GAQSIQ and California for Senate Bill 1313.

Advocacy efforts have been carried out for the benefit of both my former employer (DuPont) and each of the industry groups.

The fluorotelomer products advocacy work centered around product safety, food safety, environmental fate and effects, biodegradation, incineration, toxicology, analytical methods and capability, plant emissions and product content.  For the past 10 years these efforts have focused on the overall industry shift from the legacy “long-chain” products to the new more sustainable “short-chain” chemistry.

A focal point of the advocacy has been the US EPA 2010/2015 PFOA Voluntary Stewardship Program whereby the signees of the Program have agreed to essentially eliminate the use, product content and plant emissions of the legacy chemicals by year-end 2015.  Canada has a similar Program.

Please see the attached resume and publication list for a broader perspective of his experience.


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